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Exploring Cyber Threats & Breach Prevention 2021

[Panel] Exploring Cyber Threats & Breach Prevention 2021

Michelle Drolet, Towerwall // David LeBlanc, SecureCloudDB // Bharath Vasudevan, Alert Logic // Nasuni // CyberArk

August 17, 2021  |  11 am - Noon ET

The last 12 months have been incredibly turbulent in the cybersecurity world. The move to a hybrid work model has seen many organisations turn their security on its head, with the adoption of security solutions like SASE and Zero Trust. Ransomware has also spiked: according to a new Group-IB report, in 2020 ransomware surged by 150%. What are the key trends thought leaders expect...

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[Panel] Managing & Mitigating Healthcare Data Breaches in the Cloud

[Panel] Managing & Mitigating Healthcare Data Breaches in the Cloud

Gerry Miller, Cloudticity // Steven O’Neal, Remver // David LeBlanc, SecureCloudDB

It’s said that 60% of SMEs in the healthcare industry will be breached; 90% of those breached will be bankrupt and out of business within one year.

Breaches may not start at the database layer but they certainly end there, making the fallout devastating. Join software implementation, disaster recovery and cloud database security experts as they offer practical advice about...

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AWS Summit Online AMER

AWS Summit Online Americas

AWS Summit Online is designed for developers and IT professionals looking to learn how to build and innovate at scale using AWS Cloud. Hear the very latest from AWS executives, attend breakout sessions featuring AWS customer stories, and engage with AWS experts to get your questions answered. Enhance your skills with hands-on labs and workshops, learn from inspiring demos, and discover what AWS and Partner Solutions can do for your business. SecureCloudDB is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of the AWS Summit Americas.

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Leveraging SecureCloudDB to Enhance Database Security in the AWS Cloud webinar

Leveraging SecureCloudDB to Enhance Database Security in the AWS Cloud

Tim Twarog, Account Executive, SecureCloudDB

AWS is responsible for protecting the hardware, software, networking, and facilities that run AWS Cloud services.

Cloud customers are responsible for protecting their data, which means correctly configuring databases, ensuring encryption, applying appropriate permissions and more.

Learn how our complete database security approach complements AWS security tooling while covering the gaps that on-prem database security tools do not address. 

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How to Build a Cloud Database Security Practice that Drives Sales & Retention

How to Build a Cloud Database Security Practice

Leveraging SecureCloudDB to Drive Sales and Retention

Aaron Klein, Co-Founder & CEO, SecureCloudDB

This session is designed for Managed Service Providers. With 75% of databases expected to be deployed or migrated to the cloud by 2022, organizations are preparing for elevated breaches that will come with the expanded attack surface of the cloud. This presents a global opportunity for Managed Service Providers to help. Tune in for a discussion on how to deliver best-in-class managed security for cloud databases including...

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[Panel] Cloud Security Hurdles and How to Overcome Them

Michelle Drolet, Towerwall // Jeff Foresman, Digital Hands // David LeBlanc, SecureCloudDB // Martin Holste, FireEye

The push to remote work in response to the 2020 pandemic pressured many businesses to quickly move to the cloud, often resulting in security decisions being made on the spot. What are the long-term implications for enterprises, the common mistakes made along the way and the ways to overcome them. Join this panel of experts to learn about the security side of cloud transformation and the best practices for ...

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SecureCloudDB Ransomware Webinar

Ransomware and The Cloud

Considerations for Enhancing Data Protection via Public Cloud Databases

David LeBlanc, Chief Product Officer, SecureCloudDB

While moving data to the cloud solves many problems, it sometimes results in new challenges and organizations need to be aware of configuration options and activity monitoring that are unique to cloud providers. This 30 minute session takes a look at ransomware in the context of cloud databases, including complexities and best practices to mitigate threats.

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SCDB 1.14.21 Panel..

Cloud Security 2021: Emerging Trends, Threats, and Responses

Aaron Klein, SecureCloudDB // Tim Sandage, AWS // Mike Hughes, Prism RA // Jeff Collins, Lightstream // Tyler Kennedy, Rewind 

There’s something refreshing about starting a new year. What’s not so refreshing is facing new security risks. To fortify your approach and learn a few must-take steps, join us to hear how a panel of experts is...

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CSS Webinar - Securing Amazon S3 in the Age of Covid 19

Securing Amazon S3 in the Age of Covid 19

Ed Casmer, CTO, Cloud Storage Security 

The session examines multiple types of successful hacker attacks on Amazon S3, including details and recreation of how an Amazon S3 bucket can be compromised with...

SecureCloudDB is pleased to host Cloud Storage Security for this webinar. When it comes to protecting assets in the AWS Cloud, Antivirus for Amazon S3 by Cloud Storage Security complements the asset discovery, vulnerability assessments and Database Activity Monitoring provided by SecureCloudDB for AWS managed database services and traditional databases hosted on EC2 instances. 

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Cloud Database Security: Responding to New Threats and Challenges

Aaron C. Newman, Founder, SecureCloudDB 

A significant portion of IT infrastructure has moved from proprietary data centers into public clouds. 80% of enterprises will eliminate their traditional data centers by 2025. What does this mean for database security? How can organizations best protect their crown jewels? This webinar examines the techniques needed to manage and secure resources in public cloud databases. Designed for ...

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Webinar - Public Cloud Database Security: Using Others' Mistakes to Stop Attacks in Their Tracks

Public Cloud Database Security: Using Others' Mistakes to Stop Attacks in Their Tracks

Aaron C. Newman, Founder, SecureCloudDB

Hacks and breaches occur regularly. It can take months to find and contain an incident. According to Gartner, 99% of cloud security failures will be the cloud customer’s fault. Why is that? Join acclaimed international speaker and serial entrepreneur Aaron C. Newman as he ...

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