Your database no longer exists within the confines of your firewalls and physical walls. The data that you're responsible for is spread across hundreds, perhaps even thousands of databases in AWS and Azure accounts. What worked to secure your data in the datacenter, doesn’t work to protect your cloud databases. You need a security tool built specifically for public databases in the cloud. You need SecureCloudDB.

    SecureCloudDB empowers you to control risk through:

    • Inventory checks that accurately locate all of your data and databases (and their backups)
    • Over 100 security rules that verify whether data is protected
    • Database monitoring provided via both dynamic dashboards and periodic reporting covering data sovereignty, encryption status, security violations, scan health and more!
    Be confident that your database inventory is predictable, that your line of defense is holding its ground, and that you know who holds the keys to your system.

    Foundational Security

    Asset Discovery

    Carry out an asset discovery to build inventories that catalog databases, backups, users, accesses, and security rules.

    Know exactly how many databases exist, where data is located, if it’s backed up, and if it's secure. Understand user access and identity. 


    • Location
    • Geolocation 
    • Database metadata 
    • Encryption level


    SCDB Security Violations


    Vulnerability Assessments

    Uncover vulnerabilities that could be exploited, including misconfigurations, public access, misalignment with best practices and more. Check permissioning, data sovereignty, encryption, and security rules. Ensure databases are configured in accordance with security protocols.

    • True “Zero Knowledge” and non-intrusive techniques are utilized

    • All checks are performed externally without elevated privileges

    • Target cloud database is not affected



    Security Risk Scoring

    Gauge risk with a proprietary Risk Assessment that relays the security posture of databases at-a-glance.

    Risk scores cover the level of system security, data exposure, encryption levels and more. Identify high risk areas that pose a substantial threat and take action. Track risk scores by category and in aggregate to benchmark risk levels and demonstrate improvement.


    • Database and security rules evaluation
    • Risk scores
    • Risk trends
    • Violation drilldowns



    Reporting Facilities

    Time-saving and easy to use dynamic reports confirm what information is secure, establish where problem areas exist and review remediation suggestions.

    Easily communicate results to both technical and non-technical stakeholders in order to prioritize actions based on level of severity, document the plan and verify changes. Comprehensive intel provides a past and present perspective.



    Operational Security

    SCDB Database Activity Monitoring Screen Shot

    Database Activity Monitoring

    Database activity monitoring and alerting traces events and captures anomalies, reporting on policy breaches in real time and providing insight to event correlation and causality without degrading database performance.


    • Database activity summary
    • Database activity logs
    • Real-time alerts


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