Considerations for Enhancing Data Protection via Public Cloud Databases

Ransomware is an increasing threat and has cost organizations millions of dollars. When an organization does not have backups that are inaccessible to the attackers, the disruption of loss of operations and loss of customer data is often significant and publicly embarrassing. One of the most compelling reasons to having data and processes in the cloud is that cloud providers supply easy-to-use backup options and the ability to quickly restore systems to an earlier version. When an organization’s backup is run by the cloud provider, it is beyond the reach of criminals who would engage in extortion and ransomware.

Yet, while moving data to the cloud solves many problems, it sometimes results in new challenges and organizations need to be aware of configuration options and activity monitoring that are unique to the cloud. This paper looks at ransomware in the context of cloud databases, including complexities and best practices. 

SecureCloudDB White Paper - Ransomware and The Cloud 2102A - Cover Page

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