Plan For Failure; Design For Success

    An organization's most valuable asset - its data - sits in databases.  While moving to the public cloud transfers much of an organizations’ infrastructural burden to the Cloud Provider, organizations are still expected to protect the customer data they have in the cloud. Yet, managing and protecting databases in the cloud requires a different approach than what is used for on-premises databases. And network security doesn't cover it all. A cloud database centric approach to defense is a must. 

    This paper outlines the eight components that are needed to formulate and apply a consistent, regimented public cloud database security program. Download it now for best practices related to:

    • People, Policies and Plans
    • Configuration
    • Asset Discovery
    • Vulnerability Assessments
    • Remediation
    • Activity Monitoring
    • Alerting
    • Reporting

    Whether your organization already has a formal cloud database security program in place or is looking to create one, this white paper provides key takeaways that can be used to establish and maintain successful security practices for your public cloud databases. 

    SCDB White Paper - A Breach-Proof Public Cloud Database Security Program Coverpage

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