What's New: SecureCloudDB Product Updates

    Apr 22, 2021 / by SecureCloudDB

    SecureCloudDB is always working to improve our users' experience. We’re excited to now offer the following enhancements — expanded Database Activity Monitoring capabilities, backup reporting enhancements, improved security rules management, and home dashboard upgrades. 



    Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) for SQL Server

    Operational Security support (i.e., DAM) is now available for Microsoft SQL Server running in Amazon RDS. This is in addition to existing DAM support for Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon Redshift as well as Amazon Aurora, MySQL, and PostgreSQL running in Amazon RDS.

    Ingest database activity in real time to see what’s happening within your environment across all accounts. With full Activity Monitoring you are able to identify anomalous behavior based on Insert, Modify, or Delete actions. All other actions are currently aggregated under the Query action item. You can also see what user is accessing which databases in addition to what actions they are undertaking. 

    An example of DAM reporting for SQL Server in RDS

    An example of DAM reporting for SQL Server in RDS


    Backup Reporting Enhancements

    Ingestion of AWS tags associated with database backups is now available. Create Security Rules and apply them to policies to alert for anomalous retention and backup activity. If a database is tagged with a set tag you’re able to ingest the tag as part of your security rule. For example, a database tagged with a backup retention period of 7 days can have that tag ingested as part of the security rule to ensure a full 7 days of backups exists within your environment for that database.

    Additional enhancements include more filtering options, including (but not limited to) the ability to sort databases based on data tagged PII, whether DAM is enabled, and what databases are not backed up. Determine at a glance when a database has been backed up via the column titled “Last Backup” in the databases inventory, which now lists the date and time of the last backup. To access this report, go to “Foundational Security” in the main menu, click on “Inventory” in the submenu, then select “Databases.”

    Database Inventory shows when a DB was last backed up

    Database Inventory shows when a DB was last backed up


    Improved Security Rule Management

    The default and custom security rules interface has a new look that displays information in a clearer manner and that provides robust filtering options. Click into each rule to see violation data over time. Also, in addition to version control for your rules, you can enable/disable rules one by one across the organization. Click on “Foundational Security” in the main menu, then “Inventory” to manage “Security Rules” and “Custom Rules”. 

    Drilldown capabilities provide insight into Security Rule souring, violation trends and more

    Drill Down into Security Rules to See Violations


    Home Dashboard Upgrade

    The home dashboard has a new look to it. You can now view assessment information in a more organized experience. Asset Discovery and Database Activity Monitoring errors are surfaced through the dashboard allowing you to to click into configuration errors to resolve them more quickly.

    Access critical findings and setup configuration status via the Home Dashboard

    SCDB Product Update 3.24.21 -  dashboard


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