What's New: SecureCloudDB Product Updates Effective 2020-12-3

    Dec 9, 2020 / by SecureCloudDB

    SecureCloudDB is always working to improve our users' experience. We’re excited to announce that the following new feature is available.
     New Feature

    Support for Microsoft SQL Server

    Foundational  Security support is now available for Microsoft SQL Server running in Amazon RDS, Amazon EC2, and on premises.  

    This functionality includes 10 additional security rules out-of-the-box that can be used to automate configuration checks for items such as: 

    To access the new rules, select “Foundational Security” in the main menu, “Inventory” in the sub-menu, and then “Security Rules”. 

    Also of note, the “User Assessment” report summarizes users with elevated privileges for SQL Server in addition to providing more detailed data on all users of SQL Server. To access this report, select "Foundational Security" in the main menu, "Reports" in the submenu, then "User Assessment".

    Don’t forget that you can filter both “Inventory” and “Reports” based on “Engine” type. 


    SCDB - User Assessment Report SQL Server


    SCDB - User Assessment Report SQL Server Filter


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