What's New: SecureCloudDB Product Updates Effective 2020-07-30

    Aug 4, 2020 / by SecureCloudDB

    SecureCloudDB is always working to improve our users' experience. We’re excited to announce that the following enhancements and new features are now available;  especially the addition of Database Activity Monitoring (details below)!



    • Explore SecureCloudDB functionality without having to set up an organization and pull in your own information 
      • We’ve created an organization titled “Public” that is prepopulated with sample data
      • If it is your first time creating a SecureCloudDB account or if you have previously created an account but did not set up an organization, you will immediately see the sample data populating dashboards and reports upon logging in
      • If you have already created your SecureCloudDB account and have set up an organization, but would like to see the sample data, simply select “Public” from the drop-down organizations menu in the gray bar at top of the screen, to the right of the SecureCloudDB logo. Then peruse the various dashboards and reports
      • Don’t forget to take advantage of any drill down options within the dashboards and reports to see additional detail
    SCDB Organizations Menu

    • In “Home Dashboard”, the “Security Violations” pane now drills down into additional detail on which service is in violation; click on the arrow to the left of “Critical”, “Info” or “Warning” in the pane to see “Counts” and “Trends” by service. Each “Count” links to a Security Violations Report in which you can drill down further into the violation. Simply click on the “ID” in the report to access additional details such as the rule description, remediation and source code. To access the report, select “Dashboards” in the main menu, click on "Home Dashboard" 

    SCDB Security Violations Pane Enhancement



    New Features

    Database Activity Monitoring

    • See where data is being written, whether it’s been modified, inserted or removed, and how many databases are actively monitored
    • The “Activity Monitoring Dashboard” provides operational perspective when activity occurs and can be used to help fulfill compliance requirements such as GDPR by providing insight into database activity by region and type
    • Use the report to confirm whether database activity is inline with expectations
    • Currently available for Amazon DynamoDB with additional services coming soon

    To access the report, select “Dashboards” in the main menu, click on “Activity Monitoring”.

    SCDB DAM for DynamoDB

    Risk Assessment, Audit Coverage, Backup Summary, and Assessment Summary Reports

    • Are now available in a downloadable HTML format making it easy to share them

    To access “Risk Assessment” and “Audit Coverage” reports, select “Reports” in the main menu, click on the corresponding report name in the sub-menu, then hit the download button in the top right corner of the report. 

    To access “Backup Summary” and “Assessment Summary” reports, select “Reports” in the main menu, click on “Summary Reports” in the sub-menu, then select the report by name and hit the download button in the top right corner of the report.

    SCDB Download Reports


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