What's New: SecureCloudDB Product Updates Effective 2020-07-23

    Jul 28, 2020 / by SecureCloudDB

    SecureCloudDB is always working to improve our users' experience. We’re excited to announce that the following enhancements and new features are now available.



    • “Data Sovereignty” (housed under “Reports” in the main menu) now reports on backups - toggle between “Databases” and “Backups” to see instances by region and count as well as additional detail such as provider and service

    • “Security Rules” (housed under “Inventory” in the main menu) now attributes the “Authoritative Source” of each rule. Click on an “ID” in the “Security Rules” table to see the source. Use the filter function to sort checks by source 

    • Added additional PostgreSQL Rules

    • Search functionality has been added to tables with detailed and historical data in the “Reports” section of the application

    • Tables can now be sorted by clicking on column headers

    • “Backups” (housed under “Inventory” in the main menu) now indicates if a backup has been deleted - click on the name of a backup and look for “Deleted” in the “Properties” table

    SCDB Backup - Deleted


    New Features

    Security Violations Report 

    • Is now available in a downloadable HTML format making it easy to share

    To access the report, select “Reports” in the main menu, click on “Security Violations” in the sub-menu, then hit the download button in the top right corner of the report. 

    SCDB Security Violations Report - Download

    User Assessment Report

    • This new report allows you to easily see and track which users have elevated privileges in which databases

    To access the report, select “Reports” in the main menu then click on “User Assessment” in the sub-menu.

    SCDB User Assessment Report-1


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