What's New: SecureCloudDB Product Updates Effective 2020-07-09

    Jul 14, 2020 / by SecureCloudDB

    SecureCloudDB is always working to improve our users' experience. We’re excited to announce that the following enhancements and new features are now available.



    • You can now drill down into what rules make up each “Risk Score” in the “Risk Assessment Report”.  Simply click on the linked score name to see a list of the rules and which ones are being violated. Then, click on the security rule name for additional insight such as the rule description and rationale as well as accounts and databases that are in violation 
    • “Assessment Summary Report” now lists all of the databases SecureCloudDB covers, allowing you to confirm what is (or isn’t) in your environment
    • SecureCloudDB inventory and audits cover Oracle, SQL Server and MariaDB database management systems
    • Added additional MySQL rules



    New Features

    Backups Summary Report

    • Summarizes backups by status (e.g., whether they are in good shape), what’s changed since the last time the report was run (e.g., if a backup was added or deleted), the number of backups by service, and a backup history
    • Drill down into additional detail by clicking on any of the links within the report

    To access the report, select “Reports” in the main menu, click on “Summary Reports” in the sub-menu, then select “Backup Summary”.

    Backups Summary Report


    Audit Coverage Report

    • Provides a summary of which databases have been audited and to what degree
    • Looks at audit coverage over time
    • Filter by provider, service or container

    To access the report, select “Reports” in the main menu, then click on “Audit Coverage” in the sub-menu.

    Audit Coverage Report



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