Universal Foundational Support: What It Is & Why Organizations Need It

    Oct 27, 2020 / by SecureCloudDB

    As managing the risk of cyber incidents and breaches becomes more challenging and as attacks become more diverse, it is imperative that cybersecurity adapts and creates better ways to protect data and organizations from threats.

    Rather than reinventing more and more wheels in an attempt to meet each new security threat head on, the smarter plan of action is to enhance tried and true methods of cybersecurity by extending them into a more universal modality. This has been the strategy at SecureCloudDB.

    With a focus on improving upon the current model of Foundational Security, we have developed the concept of Universal Foundational Support, a more comprehensive and seamless way to protect even the most important and highly sensitive information.


    What Universal Foundational Support Is

    When it comes to cybersecurity, Foundational Security is exactly what it sounds like: foundational. It is the base layer of cloud database security that is absolutely essential for any organization operating in the cloud because it helps ensure all database elements are known and secured through asset discovery and security protocols.

    In order to protect data in the cloud, organizations need to conduct a comprehensive asset discovery, which catalogs databases, backups, users, and accesses. Once all of the information is collected and the inventory is complete, it needs to be perpetually maintained to ensure that it is always up to date and therefore able to be protected.

    Security protocols are checked for permissioning, data sovereignty, encryption, and compliance with security rules. With regular examination of configurations, organizations are able to verify that their sensitive information is secure. 

    SecureCloudDB’s Universal Foundational Support provides coverage for cloud database services and traditional databases hosted on EC2 instances as well as seamless monitoring and tracking before, during, and after migrations from on-premises databases to the cloud. 

    scott-webb-yekGLpc3vro-unsplashUniversal Foundational Support 

    Provides asset discovery and configuration checks for cloud database services and traditional databases hosted on EC2 instances as well as seamless monitoring and tracking before, during, and after data migrations from on-premises data centers to the cloud.


    Why Organizations Need Universal Foundational Support

    The seemingly straightforward ideas of asset discovery and configuration examinations become significantly more complex when two or more platforms are involved or during a migration process where data is transferred from one place to another, such as from an on-premises data center into the public cloud. 

    When migrating databases, it is critical to maintain security through the migration process, including monitoring activity on sensitive databases. Otherwise, databases may be left vulnerable due to elevated permissions during the migration. For example, a team may elevate permissions to an external team doing the migration and forget to remove them.   

    SecureCloudDB’s support for databases in the cloud and on-premises means organizations can maintain a strong security posture for the duration of the migration to the cloud.

    SecureCloudDB’s Universal Foundational Support tooling alleviates this vulnerable pain point by scanning for and alerting on super/elevated users so corrective action can be taken. Foundational Security is designed to be dynamic and adapt to changes in order to ensure that your data is protected in transition and at its final destination. Security gaps that previously existed, can now be eliminated.

    It comes as no surprise that solid Foundational Security is absolutely vital as a general principal. Foundational Security is as standard as putting a lock on the front door of your business. Operating without it would be akin to leaving the front door not only unlocked but wide open when you went home for the day. 

    If organizations employ an array of services and assets, it becomes more pertinent to employ Universal Foundational Support to ensure that the weakest points can be reinforced across the board. 

    Furthermore, our Universal Foundational Support automates portions of the migration process that would previously have been vulnerable to human error (such as necessary changes to permissions or manual changes of that nature). By finding ways to cut out mistakes such as these, migrations can become much less stressful and more hassle free.

    We at SecureCloudDB are proud to be on the cutting edge of this technology and offer our valued customers Universal Foundational Support to keep their private information secure and their minds at ease.


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