Database Security: Moving to the Public Cloud & Retaining Defense In Depth

    Nov 20, 2020 / by SecureCloudDB

    A significant portion of IT infrastructure has moved from proprietary data centers into public clouds. According to Gartner, 80% of enterprises will eliminate their traditional data centers by 2025. What does this mean for database security? How can organizations best protect their crown jewels — the data stored in cloud databases?

    The life cycle of securing data as it sits in public cloud databases remains similar to the life cycle of securing data as it sits in on-premises databases: inventory, assess security, remediate the problems, monitor user activity, and repeat. Yet how each of those steps are taken in the public cloud is dramatically different.

    SCDB Life Cycle of Securing Data in the Cloud

    Organizations have a security strategy for on-premises databases; they need a separate one for the cloud; managing and protecting databases in the cloud requires a tailored, cloud-native approach for the following reasons:  

    • The public cloud is not architected using data center blueprints - different database systems are in place. Instead of large monolithic RDBMS, new types of databases such as such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Amazon Aurora have emerged as the leaders in the public cloud.
    • How databases exist in the cloud is fundamentally different from how they exist on-prem - cloud databases aren’t static, they're dynamic, scaling up and down as needed. The data organizations are responsible for may be spread across hundreds, perhaps even thousands of databases.
    • Also consider the difference in database access. Cloud databases are available on demand to users and apps appear without security team input, which complicates configuration and permissions management. 

    Each of these elements adds their own level of complexity to the task of securing the data housed in cloud databases. 

    Dig deeper and examine the techniques needed to manage and secure resources in public cloud databases in our  webinar, Cloud Database Security: Responding to New Threats and Challenges. Designed for CISOs, DevOp Engineers, MSPs, Auditors and others who are responsible for data security in the cloud, topics include:

    • Architectural elements and why “zero trust” is a must
    • Database inventory considerations
    • Best practices for assessing security and managing risk
    • Cloud requirements for activity monitoring

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    More about the presenter:

    Aaron C. Newman is an acclaimed international speaker and serial entrepreneur who has founded six successful startups including SecureCloudDB, Cloud Storage Sec, CloudCheckr, Techrigy, Application Security, Inc. and DbSecure. Aaron authored the books Enterprise 2.0, printed by McGraw-Hill, and the Oracle Security Handbook, published by Oracle Press. He has presented at hundreds of database conferences and user groups on technology topics and has been awarded multiple patents in cloud and database security.


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