A Breach-Proof Public Cloud Database Security Program [Series Index]

    Sep 1, 2020 / by SecureCloudDB

    Storing data in the public cloud opens organizations up to risks unique to cloud computing. Poor visibility into databases and their backups, misconfigured APIs, and instances accidentally left open to the internet are just a few of the many cloud database security risks an organization might experience. Organizations must identify gaps in their security posture both internally and externally, quantifying risk as they go, in order to determine remediation measures and fortify their defense.

    Automating as much of the process as is possible will enable operational consistency and increase security. A culture of security consciousness and a combination of training and tools are required to strengthen an organization’s collective understanding of how data could be accessed and the steps to take to protect it. 

    To minimize risk and protect public cloud databases, a comprehensive approach comprising several key elements must be in place. In this 10 part series, we review the key components that are needed to formulate and apply a consistent, regimented cloud database security program that helps ensure data is only available through authorized access.


    A Breach-Proof Public Cloud Database Security Program

    Part 1: Key Components

    Part 2: People, Policies and Plans

    Part 3: Configuration

    Part 4: Asset Discovery

    Part 5: Vulnerability Assessments

    Part 6: Remediation

    Part 7: Activity Monitoring

    Part 8: Alerting 

    Part 9: Reporting

    Part 10: Selecting Security Service Providers 


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