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    Dec 16, 2020 / by SecureCloudDB

    SecureCloudDB, an AWS Partner Network Select Technology Partner (APN Partner), now offers its cloud-native database security application in AWS Marketplace. This expanded relationship with Amazon Web Services makes it even easier for organizations to perform Database Activity Monitoring while gaining complete security and compliance assurance for their cloud databases.


    Safeguard Sensitive Data, Flag Suspicious Activity, and Ensure Compliance

    SecureCloudDB simplifies data security management in the cloud. The real-time Database Activity Monitoring, alerting, asset discovery, and vulnerability assessments provided by SecureCloudDB provide layered database security not found on the market today. Additionally, SecureCloudDB synergizes with the AWS native tooling that helps organizations secure their cloud workloads, applications, and infrastructure. 

    Specifically built for AWS, SecureCloudDB supports AWS managed database services, databases hosted on EC2 instances and databases migrating from on-premises to the AWS Cloud. As a cloud-native tool, SecureCloudDB eliminates the complexity and friction associated with legacy solutions that are designed for on-premises data centers. 

    Additionally, SecureCloudDB integrates AWS offered features to help keep organizations’ data secure. For example, real-time alerts regarding cloud database configuration issues and activity anomalies can be pushed from SecureCloudDB into AWS Security Hub. Plus, users can automate responses to alerts using SecureCloudDB generated AWS Lambda functions.


    Benefits of Accessing SecureCloudDB in AWS Marketplace

    • AWS evaluated - being listed in AWS Marketplace requires successful completion of an AWS technical review. 
    • Easy to purchase - AWS Marketplace purchases are baked into an organization’s AWS bill, which means seeking additional budget for security products can be mitigated. Plus, SecureCloudDB signup is streamlined in AWS Marketplace with a 4-click process. Customers also have access to auto renewal options as well as flexible month-to-month terms. 
    • Simplified billing - one invoice from AWS that includes SecureCloudDB provides a seamless payment experience and means less paperwork to process. 
    • Product adoption is easier - work directly with AWS representatives and the SecureCloudDB team to ensure successful training, onboarding and implementation. 

    Organizations that use SecureCloudDB add additional security to the AWS Cloud and bridge the gaps that other security tools cannot cover.  

    Find our AWS Marketplace listing here.


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