Simplify Public Cloud Database Vulnerability Management

    AWS Security Hub groups and prioritizes findings generated by Amazon security tools and partners into one console, thus enabling users to manage security and compliance for multiple AWS accounts in one place. SecureCloudDB complements Amazon security tools by looking at what's going on inside of databases, building on AWS security checks, and providing Database Activity Monitoring. As an AWS Partner Network Select Technology Partner, SecureCloudDB supports Security Hub. This means real-time alerts regarding cloud database configuration issues and activity anomalies can be pushed from SecureCloudDB into Security Hub.

    View, analyze and manage database-specific threats in AWS

    Assess misconfigurations relating to encryption, public access, passwords/user privileges as well as atypical database activity.

    Instantly correlate findings and prioritize risks

    Associate SecureCloudDB findings with findings from other tools including Amazon GuardDuty, Inspector, IAM Access Analyzer, and more.

    Automate remediation and decrease incident response time

    Simplify the remediation process by deploying the SecureCloudDB library of AWS Lambda functions for quick and complete fixes.

    Identify and consistently enforce compliance with security rules

    SecureCloudDB regularly collects and updates security rules from AWS, the Center for Internet Security (CIS), industry experts, and global security leaders.  In addition, users can create their own customized versions of security rules.

    Protect public cloud databases from attack

    SecureCloudDB’s robust security positioning and alerting functionality combined with Security Hub’s comprehensive findings and trends empower organizations to quickly identify and mitigate security issues.


    Key features include:   
    • Real-time reporting on environments that rely on DynamoDB, ElastiCache, Elasticsearch, RDS, Redshift, Postgres and MySQL 
    • Granular visibility into database-specific vulnerabilities and threats across accounts
    • Delivery of the most relevant incident data 
    • Consolidated reporting in one central location — the AWS Security Hub dashboard


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